A design for life.

OMGZZZZ Glasgow.

8 August 1988
Well I'm Kayleigh, or Izzy, or Jizzy, or Fizzy, or George, or basically anything you want me to be.

I rather enjoy; quotes, lyrics, cats, books, being moneyed, sneezing, the sound of gravel when you walk on it, toast, frosty mornings, hot soup, very sweet tea, dying my hair red/pink, painting my nails any colour, high end cosmetics and clothing, calling people by their surnames as if we were at public school or something.

I sort of dislike; talking on the phone, commuters, cold tea, most people in general, when stuff funks with my routine, smelling of smoke, buses, Agyness Deyn, losing buttons from my array of lovely coats and jackets, people climbing the stairs behind me, people who use 'confused.com' in status' and conversation. Seth FUCKING Rogen.