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A design for life.
OMGZZZZ Glasgow.
Yes! I've turned them into a rather smart casual jacket! 
5th-Feb-2008 09:48 pm
bernard black
On Monday we're going to go and watch Juno after class. I'm kinda worried that I'll hate it. I watched the Oscars round table with James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie, uh, some other folk, and Ellen Page, and she was just so insincere and crawly and awful. Every time she opened her mouth I wanted to slap her because it was sure she'd say something which at first seems very smart and deep, but on closer inspection is actually a vacuous hole of emptiness. I know she's not been around that long so hasn't had the time to craft beautifully phrased answers to every question, but she seems to have had enough time to get extremely big headed about her own questionable talent.

Oh well, so long as the film is good. Gonna have to spend the week ignoring any reviews and humming a lot :p

Today has been, other than the usual precipitation, a very good day. Had video production meeting and I came up with the brilliant BEYOND brilliant idea to do a road trip race challenge thing in the style of Top Gear. Obsession much? But it'll be fun, much more fun than doing say, a documentary on strippers, especially in a group with 6 girls and one gay man.  At the moment we're stuck between racing from Glasgow to Edinburgh or doing two simultaneously - Dundee to Edinburgh and Berwick-upon-Tweed to Edinburgh.
The best part though, is that I'm the producer/director so I'm going to buy a beret, a chair with my name on, start smoking Galoises and speaking with a vaguely french accent.
Living the cliché baybee.

I am of course kidding, I'd never be so traitorous as to adopt a french accent :p

Biggest news of all today in the world of Kayleigh the FRICKING genius is that I have passed Marketing with a grand score of 62%. I am happy. Very happy. That exam was rubbish, but I must've done some damn good guesswork (it was multiple choice). So YAY. So I celebrated by putting up my swish new coffee table, which is properly gorgeous, and huge so I can fit all the stuff on it that I just HAVE TO HAVE to hand. And I can read a paper on it without the edges falling off and the whole thing getting muddled. I love the glass bit in the middle, it looks like a desk or something. I might get some battery powered fairy lights to fix underneath. Glowy excellence.
Just realised this is the longest entry I've posted in like half a year.
I hope you're satisfied!!!!

P.S To the gang in Birmingham, I'm currently wrapped up in my bedspread. Seriously, you have no idea how much I love this thing. Thanks again!!!
P.P.S Love you mum!
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