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A design for life.
OMGZZZZ Glasgow.
Someone in my building is moving out, or having all their furniture… 
16th-Jan-2008 12:36 pm
awesome, black books
Someone in my building is moving out, or having all their furniture repossessed. Oh please please please can it be the people upstairs. That would be HEAVEN. She's hoovering again. Grr.

I love my MUM. She bought lots of yummy food from Tesco and now I can make nice food. Last night I made Spinach, cheese and potato soup. It was gorgeous. I wish I made more. 

Also yesterday my package with all my christmas presents arrived. Hoorah. Big thanks again to Judith & Chris and the gang; the throw looks beautiful on my bed and I LOVE the colour.

I have some swanky new etnies. Tramped up and down town on monday looking for a nice pair, then he suggested Cult, and I bought the first pair I bought. They're quite unusual looking, but I like that. And at least they aren't PINK like all the other pairs seem to be these days. They're black, purple and turquoise :D

It's sunny here today, can you believe??? I hear a lot of the country is all flooded at the mo. That's gutting. I bet it's well cold out tho here. 
Exams are over now, I really am totally unsure how I did. I didn't like them this semester though. Big silly failure. :(

I'm reading a whole bunch of spiderman that Aaron lent me at the moment. Tis most excellente. Broadening my knowledge. W00p. 

Went out on friday, was a realy good night. Ended up in an 80's club requesting hell of a lot of music and dancing like a maniac. Good times.

Ok, I know this entry is mainly a list. Haha. I'm still disjointed. Expect better entries soon, I have plenty of free time.
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