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A design for life.
OMGZZZZ Glasgow.
just a quick one because i keep getting told off for not updating.... 
23rd-Sep-2007 12:10 pm
awesome, black books
  • uni starts again on tuesday, looking forward to it, hope i got into the classes i picked.
  • went out with all my primark co's on thursday. WAS ACE. drank my body weight in cider, sours and vodka and offered round many sloppy kisses to all and sundry. shocking.
  • am nicely settled into my flat, still have to get internets tho, so anyone know a decent cheap one?
  • haven't dyed my hair for AGES. Aaron keeps asking me to grow it out, he wants to see it au naturelle. EEP!
  • new union at cally is shite. strathclyde forever!!!!
  • I can hear singing.....   :s
  • miss my famille, won't be going home again till christmas. this makes me sad.
  • Summer was great. very busy, but had a good time. highlights include....well, everything. Benbecula! Derry/Oxegen! Hereford with Aaron! yayyayayayay.
  • Uh.....thats it for now. Will update, like, whenever I have time. :D


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