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25th-Jun-2007 09:17 pm - Tennis is dull.
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A fact I'm sure most of you are aware of, but why won't someone tell my mum??
And Tim Henman isn't going to win...he'll maybe get to the semi's, but it goes no further.
AAAANYWAY, on to the entry, eh.
So you may or may not know that I am currently residing back in Hereford, I've been back for two weeks, travel back up to Glasgow on Thursday when I believe Allison has a gig on at the Cathouse. Should be good.
Been relatively busy since I've been back, seen many people, including  Letty, Zay-Zay, Olly, Nat and Kris. Had an awesome night out at Mannies (a rare occurence indeed) the first friday I was back, wore my AWESOME platformy type shoes out and got lots of compliments which was cooelle. Also managed to stay upright all night, so I was impressed with me :D
Have seen my nan, and am going out again with them tomorrow for a drive about and probably will go to Rhayder or Aber, that'll be nice. 
Last Tuesday night we went out for a chinese to the Hum-Ming Garden, its was gorgeous, and we had spectacular entertainment laid on too, in the form of the HEUGE storm which battered most of the country I believe. Anyway, from where I sat I could see all the lightning and it made the power go off a bit, and the months worth of rainfall  that fell in about half an hour flooded the driveway of the restaurant to about a foot deep. Absolutely mad weather by the way isn't it? Our garden, which is pretty damn clay-ish is all flooded up with a huge puddle at the end. The ground is so bogged down and the wind has been so heavy one of our apple trees is starting to fall over. This is a real shame as the apples from that tree are Granny Smiths, and really rather tasty. It's also a darn beautiful tree in the spring because it gets so covered in blossom. 
Yesterday, sunday, we got up early and took the train to Cardiff to go to the Doctor Who exhibition there. It was most definately supreme and awesome, I spent a good few minutes drooling over Christopher Ecclestones leather jacket, whilst my mum did the same with Ten-Inch's pinstripes and converse and Charlie with Billie Pipers hoodie and jeans. We are a family of Who-fans. :D Other exhibits included many of the monsters and evil things from The last few series'. Got the fright of my life when I turned a corner to find the Ood lurking there, all tentacles and glowing killer ball. 
Shame the Angels from Blink were living statues, would've been absolutely awesome if they'd had one or two there. Fuck it in fact, they should make them out of stone to sell in the giftshop. I'd have one in my garden for sure.
When I have a garden that is.
We then took a stroll down to Cardiff Bay, which you see a lot of on Who, its where they land the TARDIS in Boom Town to drain up energy from the rift and find Margaret Slitheen. We saw the restaurant where they're sat near the beginning when Nine see's Margaret on the front of the newspaper.
I was very impressed with the whole Cardiff Bay 'thang'. I mean it was only a regular old Sunday, but there were events including BMX and Skate displays and a GIANT temporary water tank which small children could canoe in and music and stalls. It was sunny and there were familys everywhere enjoying themselves. Pretty good all in all, specially when the morning news told us to expect nasty showers and high winds. Just shows it doesn't matter how fancy your graphics are, you still need to get the facts right.
We got a bendy bus back into the city centre and went to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. God it was yummy, we all got massive heaped up plates, mum had ribs, but it should have been 'whole ribcage'. Kudos to her though, she managed to scoff the lot, guess they were too tasty to waste, eh. Have to say I had the nicest damn veggie burger of my life, and I'm quite the connoisseur now you know. 
Of course, it being the HRC, just had to get myself a t-shirt, whatsmore it's pink, but I loved the design so much I didn't care, and it looks ok :D
Mum desperately wanted some flip flops to ease her aching feet (daft woman wore walking boots, with thinning socks, so they rubbed her poor toes. We went into the Tackky Maxx, which wasn't all that tacky, probly the least tacky Maxx I've ever been in to be fair. Had a look round the dresses and found a lovely one by Uttam which is a gorgeous flowery hippy pattern with a flattering neckline and big Stevie Nicks style sleeves. Its lovely lovely gorgeous and will be superb for the summer when it arrives. 
Next Wednesday (the 4th) I'll jumping on a coach for another 8 hour journey across to Derry. I am looking forward to this so much I want to jump around. That weekend is Oxegen festival, my FIRST festival and what a superb event it looks to be. Loads of great acts including Amy Winehouse, Mika, Muse, Bright Eyes, Rufus Wainwright and Tori Amos. Have been glued to Glasto this week cause many of the same acts were there, so I could get an idea of what I was in for.
Hopefully I won't have to spend the weekend in a mudpit, but what the ho, if I do, I'll live. I'm going to buy a poncho and borrow some wellies. I can't wait to see Aaron again. God I really can't. I've already told him I'm going to hug him in two. He's in Barcelona at the moment, lucky sod. Been keeping in regular text contact though. He's so sweet :D
Going to be there for two weeks during which it's also Aarons birthday on the 15th, have found him so cute wee pressies, whch I hope will turn up before I leave. I think we're going to go camping at Culdaff or something else like that which will be awesome. Camping on the beach is love.
OK, I'm aware I'm probly cutting this entry short, but I've realised how late it's getting and I plan on getting up early tomorrow. So off to bed with me for a bit of beauty sleep.
Night people xxxx
23rd-May-2007 03:16 pm - OH BUM
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applausestore.com just sent me an email.
I have 2 tickets to go and see QI being filmed on the 1st June.
In London.
I must've been on the waiting list or something, cause I haven't applied for tickets from them for AGES, since the last series at least.
I could afford it...if I was as frugal as frugal could be for the next two months...though I do get paid this Friday, train tickets are *ahem* hundred quid cheap day return.  
Oh golly. But then who would I go with?
22nd-May-2007 02:05 pm - Have I neglected my journal?
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Maybe? Yes?
Right now I'm sat in the library at uni, a bit bored, and very hungry. I've got the results of one super duper essay in front of me, yay I passed! I've also got an envelope with my council tax exemption form, which for such a simple form, is very complicated to fill in. But its done now and I just have to post it. In three days I will have finished a full year of university, I can't believe. I will be 'free' for the summer, free to go home and see everyone, free to move into my own flat, free to enjoy all the holiday time I booked off and which got confirmed at the weekend (by the way, 11 hours in one day at Primark is not recomended to even the most hardy of folk, I was dead on my feet!!) 
I'm making a clear and concerted effort over the summer to eat sensible, and start walking/running more. This began this morning when I leapt out of bed to do many stretches and star jumps. It has to be done, I feel like a big blubber-pig. 
Things with me and Aaron are grand as grand could be. Sadly he leaves on Sunday, which is gonna be torture, but I'll be busy with the flat and going home so I should be ok. Am gonna miss him like mad though, and will be counting down the days till I go visit him on July.
To which I am looking forward so much it should be illegal :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Uhm. I'm gonna cut this short now and go grab a quick bite to eat and do some more bladdy revision. Yarp.
Luv luv.

12th-Apr-2007 06:38 pm - Hello internet
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I'm back from my fantastic, wonderful, perfect jaunt to Ireland.
I will explain exactly why it is so in my next post, this is just to let you'z know I am back because my MSN isn't working, so I can't chat, but I'm going out to get food (pizza maybe?) now and then I will come back and there will be pictures and a long post detailing my four days and you will understand why I am so smug.

(yes, we are ok)
3rd-Apr-2007 03:15 pm - GREETINGS MY DEAR STARFRUITS
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What an absolutely darling, beautiful, marvellous kind of a day. I can see barely a cloud in the sky from my window, there is a gentle, warm breeze and the sun is so bright it has those laser-cut edges on every shadow.
The world is good, and I am in a fantastic mood. Don't think I've ever appreciated good weather quite so much.
So last week, me and Aaron had a bit of a thing and split up and it was cruddy but we've talked a lot and sorted stuff out, we're not officially full on back together like before but we're 'seeing' each other and keeping it cool. I'm still going to Derry next week though, so yay. Got my bus ticket today. It's going to be GREAT.
I know I haven't updated properly in the last few days, or weeks or whatever, but I've had 3 essays due in in the same amount of time. Good thing is they are all finished and out of the way now, one I know I've already passed, business web, it was easy. Psychology was the bane of my week last week, truly the most painful essay ever. But meh, done now. And the media essay I did in two days, and I think its so fab and mark-gaining that I've put it at the end of this post.
Not that I'm one to brag or anything, but you get a sense of pride when you finish a good piece of work.
Got caught up in that mess around with the BACS over the weekend, so my months pay didn't go in till monday. When I checked my account (my barclays one with all my savings in, not the one where my loan goes) I had over £1000 so I found it a good excuse to treat myself with some new items of clothing. Cropped trousers are lovely for days like this BTW. MMM.

Dig the t-shirt. It's GREEN. Bottle, blummin, GREEN. Makes a refreshing change, I love it.
I also bought some rather adorable H+M Pajamas today. Which are yellow.
I think theres something wrong with me :p

OOH, and I got Pan's Labyrinth. Cause, y'know it's a great film.

Dunno whether I've mentioned this already, but my poor baby wee MP3 player broke last week. It's heartbreaking. But it did last 2 years, and do a very good job at that.
I want a Zen Vision M, but every time I try to pay for it on Amazon they say they are having trouble processing my card. Hm. Never have any trouble normally, so thats annoying. Specially as it means I have nothing to listen to when I'm like...walking places. 

Was nice to hear from my dear mother the other day, MSN = greatness. :) sounds like she's having a fabby time, livvin it up.
Speaking of herself, this morning my text got read out on Dermot O'Leary's radio 2 show (he's filling in for Ken Bruce). 


Go there to listen ^^ It's at about the 17th minute. Hehe. I am naughty. But Dermot!!!! <3333333333333333
Trying to think if I have anything else to say, but my mind is all distracted by the sunshine.
Might update again later.
Love love xxxx

23rd-Mar-2007 02:43 pmRoll To
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(on a slightly less serious note to my previous entry, check the psychology related icon.)

(yes I am an utter loser)
awesome, black books
Could I BE any more stressed?
I need to have this goddamn psychology essay finished by Sunday if I'm to stand any chance at all of getting my media essay done as well. 
What I never realised was what an awful, terrible, painful subject Psychology is.
My tutor has encouraged us to use the university journal searching service Athens to find sources and information. The thing is, he never mentioned that it can take HOURS to locate a journal that is any good at all (which is rare, most journals go into depth on psychological issues, and only skim over the topic I'm looking for, which is emotion by the way), by which point you've forgotten what point you were trying to discuss. 
And the thing is, the bloomin thing is, every journal in the athens search results is hosted on a different website, so you get linked away and then you have to find the journal you wanted again, and it just feels like you're getting further and further away from the point in hand, and who knows if these articles are of any academic use anyway!!!???
Point is I feel like I'm going round and round and round in circles and I have two huge books I'm trying to get information from, but neither is very useful and I cant for the life of me find the books on emotion in the library despite scouring the right shelf for hours, which means the one book which may of been of some help has been lost.
Isn't it just the way!!??
I will be so happy when I have gotten this module out of the way. Fair enough I can see how media and psychology can be related, but it is of no help at all doing an introductory psychology course which has not been tailored to a media students perspective. 

And when I finish this essay, its onto another one. Then its easter and a wee bit of a break but not really because straight after that its exam time and a whole heap of coursework to be given in. 
Last semester was so much nicer than this one.
THOUGH, I have still heard utterly NOTHING from my radio production course leader about my radio diary. If its been lost again I will go utterly barney balloney crazy. I've given it in twice, I do not consider it to be my job to go chasing the guy up to find out my result. He gets paid to do his job and sit in a nice comfy office and lose work.
I don't.
17th-Mar-2007 05:40 pm - Lazy Saturday Afternoons
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Sometimes I do wonder why I bother writing this journal when no-one ever comments and acknowledges my entries. Gah @ all of you, I'll go away to find some interesting bothered people. Do you know how long I spend sometimes writing these damn entries, trying to think of nice pleasant interesting things to tell you? 
So I shall give up and be boring. Fear my reverse psychology. Bwahaaa. ha.
Today, on the whole has been a bit of a downer so far. Maybe its because I had to get up at half-past six to go and work for the underpaying, slave labour lunatic asylum known as Primark. Fair enough it was only 4 hours, but sometimes they can really drag, you know?
Rachel today made the healthy, informed, democratic decision to train me for tills, something I have told her repeatedly to please not do, mainly because I'm quite happy pottering about the floor tidying up the knitwear, putting stock out and doing my best to avoid customers. (Is it really necessary to ask me -when I am standing next to the front doors and a perfectly legible shop directory- where the 'service desk/childrens department/womens department' is?
This I do not think.
And yes, the tills at Primark are made for apes, and have prompts and everything one could possibly need. But it means you have to actually make contact with the customer. May I remind you that the average Primark shopper is surly, middle aged, mono-syllabled and just wants out of the store as fast as possible so they can get their next fix of retail-heroin. And it's not much fun havign to deal with that kind of person. 
To add insult to injury, (why wouldn't they, I work for them, thus clearly they own my SOUL) the person they chose to till-train me was the laziest, worst, most annoying (great choices in adjectives I think, my brain is tired ok?) supervisor who has ever existed. 
Blame hormones, but I was rather stressed today. You can probably tell by my rather disjointed entry style.

Sometimes I feel like all I do is complain in this journal. Shame on me. Maybe the sun will come out.
Ok, something positive and good. Two things in fact.
Come Easter, I can't go home because there will be no-one there, (mum on holiday, Charlie with Grandad) so I was a bit stuck for what to do as everyone here would be going off home. But it turns out I will not be stuck on my own with only the indians down the corridor for company because I am going to go to Ireland. To stay with Aaron. And meet his parents. 


And in the summer (I may of mentioned this, I forget) I'm going to Oxegen festival with him. It will be good. And a great location for my first festival. 

I think for today that is enough of an entry. Maybe tomorrow I will write a bit more, cause I know I have more to say (I must have, surely. My life is not this dull)

Make sure you make of St Patrick's day the best that you can. And my deepest consolations to the Irish rugby team, for it was a pity.
7th-Mar-2007 12:29 pm - hello
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Running on pure fucking fury right now. Absolutely MAD. Can you imagine?

Yesterday we got our Radio Production results, you may recall me saying this was probably my favourite part of the course, as it was creative and I found myself listening more and more to the radio as it progressed. So I was obviously, due to my enthusiasm, expecting a fairly decent result especially for the listening diary, into which I put an unholy amount of effort.
So imagine my distress when I opened the email containing the results to find the following:

You have been UNSUCCESSFUL in or have STILL TO COMPLETE the following modules:Aggregate Mark (%)Pass/FailAdditional Information
 (Re)enter CW as 2nd attempt

(where FP stands for 'failed part'  and NS stands for 'Non submission of one or more component parts of the module'.

First of all, I know for a fact I completed every single component of the module, I know they were given in on time, to the right place, with all the right details on them. 
So I emailed the module leader Ian Mowatt, who told me they had 'no record' of my listening diary being handed in. This is utter baws, they must have some record, because when I handed it in at the programme office I signed a sheet to say I'd handed it in. Which means they lost it. This alone annoys me, because you would expect better when one is paying £1700 quid a year, also I'd worked hard to make sure that radio diary was presented nicely, it was bound in a nice folder and looked really neat and tidy. In short it was a piece of work I was proud of.
He did say I could hand it in again and it would be marked though, so I figured the situation would be all A ok. Spent an hour putting together a copy, obviously without the nice folder, but I made it look as nice as I could. Was annoying having to print them all off cause like a fool I'd saved them all in seperate word documents, and of course I used up a heck of a lot of ink from my poor printer. 
Once it was put together I decided there was no time like the present, and as the email had only been sent the hour before headed straight over to the office to hand it on.
But nooooo, things aren't allowed to be that simple. Despite knocking on the door about ten times, no answer there was. 
At this point, I swear I could've put my fist through the door, I was PURE FUMING. Somehow I guess I got back over here, but I don't remember how. (walking obviously, shut up!!!)
So I'm still in kind of a bad mood, and I have still to finish my essay for business web, which I am no longer in any kind of mood for. I'm going to go get myself a ncie bowl of soup, listen to some Jeremy Vine, and try and calm down a bit. 

26th-Feb-2007 01:48 pmRoll To
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Yet another pointless business web media lab class today. It's really starting to drive me barmy, does the silly woman not realise that we are a very technologically aware generation, we KNOW about, and how to use social networking sites, we know how to find them if we want them AND SPENDING HALF A CLASS LOOKING AT SECOND LIFE IS NOT A WORTHWHILE USE OF OUR TIME!
Sorry, had to get that off my chest,, that whole 'hip groovy' second life movement really gets on my nerves, its awful, everything about it, right down to the graphics which make pacman look advanced. *shakes fist*
In other news had a really good week of last, with Rhi up here to visit. Twas grand and I think she really enjoyed it. There was a lot of alcohol involved. Went to the cathouse on wednesday night which was great, it was a little like Mannies, but better. All the same archetype characters were there though, the drunk pervy boy dancing on his own pretending to have a real good time, the filthy scene couple trying to hard, the really skinny tarty girl in shoes she cant walk in. 
Aaron and I have started going on really long walks, on friday we walked to Glasgow Green and I saw where his new flat is going to be. Found a gorgeous terracotta fountain and lots of little monuments and Aaron found out my strange interest in things like this. Yesterday we walked to the very end of Sauchiehall Street until we hit the motorway and went past a block of offices that was being demolished. We watched it for a while, but I didn't like it too much. I tried to explain that I find it kind of sad but I don't think he understood it....so I'll leave you with a nagging question, opinions please....

Do buildings have soul?

17th-Feb-2007 05:41 pm - SHOPPING!
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


That is all.

(did have a picture of the actual foodage, but it went boom in my camera)
15th-Feb-2007 01:25 pm - Some entertainment for you.
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Try getting some sense out of the stupid email that tesco sent me this morning (a day and a half after I contacted them about my missing delivery no less!) (it has been sorted out now mind, getting delivery tomorrow morning, not so sure if I'll be ordering from them again in a hurry though). Thankyou Mum for helping by sorting it out, god bless ya!

Thank you for your email.

I sincerely apologise for the delay in responding to your query. Upon checking
your online account I am sorry to confirm that the order was cancelled due to
staffing issues.

The customer services had tried calling your mobile number but no answer on
mobile numbers. I would like to confirm that a voice mail was left on evening
number, number under mobile does not have facility to leave message. I would
like to confirm that you can pick up the order from the store which is possible.

Thank you for your time and please accept my apologies for any inconvenience
this has caused.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us at
customer.service@tesco.co.uk quoting TES3099292X.

Kind Regards

Vidya Harun
Tesco Customer Service


Drives me mad. but yeah. whatever. Shall have my food tomorrow :D

Had a beautiful night last night. Was like a proper old style date. We went to see Hot Fuzz first at cineworld at 5. And DEAR LORD, what a great great great film. Laughed till I thought I would burst. Go see it! Theres one particular bit which I swear, everyone in the cinema was cheering and whooping. If you see it, you will know which bit it is. God bless Messrs Wright, Pegg and Frost. As Ed would say - "perfick".
Was then taken to a lovely little Thai resteraunt round the corner from the cinema and had a gorgeous meal with a rather spicy vegetable curry (Aaron tried some and went bright red, he's not a big fan of spicy food, though he did like the mexican I made for him once.) Had a bottle of wine between us (white! odd for me, but it was lovely). Got a gorgeous china elephant which is a tea light holder, will keep it on my shelf forever, its adorable.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
After the meal we went to Waxy O'Connors which is fast becoming my favourite pub here, go look at the website and you can take a virtual tour, its lovely there, great atmosphere, not all that expensive, friendly, everything you could want really. Feels kind of like a pub in middle earth, very hobbitty and cosy, lots of wood and stained glass. Beautiful. We had a few drinks there southern comfort and lime, yumm), it wasn't that busy and we got a lovely table on a balcony in reach of three different bars. Aaron likes it so much there he's going to see if they have any jobs going, its only open till 11 on the weekdays so that would be far better than Campus where he was expected to be in till 5. Buggers!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Aaron enjoying his perfectly formed pint of Guinness.

Quite possibly the nicest Valentines day I've ever had, methinks.
How was yours?
Gonna beggar off for now, have a lecture in half an hour and its pishing doon outside, will need to wrap up warm and snuggly.
Looking forward to next monday when Rhibee comes to see me, will be most excellente. :D
Much love bloggsters. xxx
14th-Feb-2007 11:51 am - picture me pissed off....
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Schwarzkopf Live hair dye can kiss my end. I bought it to cover up all the faded pink and did it yesterday. Of course I bought red, the reddest they have. And my hair is now some sort of bronzey auburn colour. It's horrible. I'm hoping it'll fade a bit and I can put some more directions on it, but man, *shakes fist*
Second gripe of the day is that my tesco delivery which was due between 7 and 9 yesterday (I stayed in and had my phone right next to me, so I know they didn't even TRY to deliver it, I even went and checked with the security office to see if tesco had been) has not shown itself yet. Its status in my tesco account is 'delivered'.....yeah right. I emailed tesco last night to ask what had happened to it, its now midday and I have heard nothing. 
And I have no food. Nothing. Nada. No milk or bread without which I may die. I can't keep borrowing from Aaron, and I can't afford to go and buy more food when I have already paid for this stuff. I'm going to have to though, I'm starving. May go and get some sandwiches from uni in a bit. -sigh-.

On the bright side, it being valentines day I just got a gorgeous card from my dear boyfriend, and tonight he's taking me out for a meal. Also, at 5 we're going to see Hot Fuzz, so all in all good evening ahead.

Had another dull web media lecture today on RSS (easy peasy, proverbial lemon squeazy) and 'social bookmarking' which sounds like the biggest amount of DULL I've ever heard. Stupid stupid patronising woman.
However it did remind me that I'd been meaning to put a few feeds on my livejournal (chris evan's radio 2 blog and the topgear blog, another good one is james and the blue cat, he's one of the writers of Green Wing, and his blog is really funny).
Finally, hopefully egtting properly into the swing of updating this jurnull. Well done me. I'm doing my share of the work, so how about you do yours and comment, eh?

*mwah* *mwah* Enjoy valentines day however you choose to spend it, be it cynical or joyful. And what after all is wrong with it. Yes its a very good business opportunity for hallmark et al, but a day to celebrate and appreciate love, be it romantic or other, is a good, healthy thing. Make it special.
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Plane and a fuzzy old lady.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Damn that fuzz woman. Isn't it the cutest wee plane?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My Mother dearest. 

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Katie, my nan and grandads spaniel. Int she lovely. :D

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My nan. Best cook in the world. Charlie hiding.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Hot Fuzz!!! You should of seen me when I walked round the corner and was confronted by that. Pure nearly screamed my head off :p

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

PEGG + FROST!!!!! Gotta love Simons hat. I wanted to cuddle Nick Frost.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Me. Awful. Yuck.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Mum and Jock. Mum looks loverly and posh.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Blurry Vatersay boys. (that was a great great gig)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

More blurry.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I have strongbow. mmmm. And look terribly drunk.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Tall scottish rugby player and very small looking mum. (and she is standing up!)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Poseur moste ultimate.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Me and an ice rink. Stoopid. No idea why I look so shocked.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photography, hmm. How pretentious of me.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Me and Martini. How red am I!!!!! Good night that was.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Thriller ain't got shit.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree, how wee-eeeee-eeeellll did I decorate you.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Laura! Behave!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Charlie playing Guitar Hero, or whatever it is. With free rock god hair :p

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Mother being mother and the posh china.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My fooooood. God that stuff was GORGEOUS.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Stella shows off an innovative way of catching the weather.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My Aaron boy in Edinburgh. Yum, eat him right up.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

How very small I am.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

More pretentiousnessyness. But oooh, drama.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Spot the boy.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Even more dramatic. I love this picture.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Aaron <3 Bit of a gloomy picture though. Shadowy side of the castle.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


And that is it from me.

No I will not put them under a cut.
Hope you enjoyed :D

13th-Feb-2007 02:24 pm - w00t!
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Passed the 'history and structures of the media' module of my first semester.
Now just radio and sociology to wait for. Know sociology may be a bit of a bomb, but I worked my arse off for radio, so that better be good.

I have new hair.

I'm in a good mood. I bought the absolute CUTEST card ever for Aaron today. :D
12th-Feb-2007 11:17 am - good morning blog of mine.
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How is it in the techno world today?
I'm in business web media. In a class about blogs. Fitting ja, for me to be updating? 
I really really need to go and see about badminton at the Ark today. Hm. One hopes one can rent a court. Indeed.
Also on the agenda today...might go see about getting my hair cut. Am superbly fed up with it today. I miss my snazzy summer haircut. C'mon, be honest, that was a fandabbydozy kinda chop. 
Last night, watched many films, mhm. Day after Tomorrow, -sigh- woohoo for america and all that yeahyeahyeah, give me a break. And sexy beast, which I liked. I keep noticing how my film and music taste have evolved (and expanded) since I came to uni. I have bazillions of dvds, and I'm more open to watching more unusual films, or films out of my spectrum of comedy and britishness yay. A lot of it can be put down to the Boy, par examplé the other day he made me watch Leon, and I REALLY liked it. Mhmm. Go me.

Have 'I don't like mondays' in my head, it was the last thing on the radio this morning before I turned it off. Damn those boomtown rats, damn that hairy hairy man! It's not like I have any problems with mondays. In the grand scale of days I think it is quite a good day. Better than say....thursday...or wednesday, not a big fan of wednesday myself. Don't ask why. :\

I promised a photo post didn't I?
Will do it later. Promise. I sweat. On my honour. Trust me?

awesome, black books

Greetings from Glasgae-land!

How goes it in the world of livejournal? Welcome to the long awaited Christmas entry that I just haven’t had time for yet. A terrible crime I am told.

All in all I had a rather groovy and nice festive period. Aaron left on the Saturday before I did, so I had a couple of boring days, but I kept busy tidying my room and packing. He bought me a phone for Christmas, which made me go crazy, lol. We’d only been together like 2 months then. So generally yeah, we’re pretty darn good. I don’t mean to brag or any of that crapola, but its great. We ARE great. I’m sat here with him now, he’s playing the need for speed game I bought him for Christmas on his x-box and I know that if I tap him with my foot, he’ll look up at me and smile that gorgeous smile and I’ll melt. Like snow.

(It snowed here the other night, but not enough to stick and it had rained first anyway for shame! But it was still cool, and very pretty. Apparently there is more forecast for this week and next anyway. JOY)

As I think you probly know I was very excited about flying back, and for good reason too, it was hella fun. Had this tiny wee plane and I got a seat on my own by the window. Spent the whole flight with my nose pressed against it, looking out at all the fluffy clouds. Yes, I really am a child. J Took various trains and things and eventually (though actually it was only about 3 in the afternoon, not bad when I left Glasgow at 11!) rolled up in Hereford. As I was dragging my bag up the platform I saw the mad mother running across the bridge. Got a very nice hug and she helped me with my bag! Always a good thing, so thanks mummy dearest. Driving back through Hereford was weird, everything seemed really different, and omg how lame were the lights this year!!! Soon as I walked through the door at home I was bombarded by cat. Mavvy and Stell barely left my side for a good few hours, makes a change eh? Charlie boy got back a while after I did and man that was ODD. He’s taller than me! Bastid! First thing they wanted me to do was set up the bloody wireless connection, so I spent half the evening doing that and messing about with various codes and stuff, but eventually I got it working.

It was super weird being back in my old room, especially as it was so empty (well except for all Charlie’s various gaming stuff and the odour of teenage boy. :p). Soon had half the stuff out of my suitcase strewn about though, so that made it a bit more like home.

On Wednesday I went to town to have a look about, its all changed a lot! I went and bought Aaron an x-box game – need for speed carbon, which he had wanted for ages so that made him a happy bunny indeed. Whilst wandering about a bit, I was stumbled upon by Zaya dearest who hugged the dawg-gone life out of me. Then the inevitable happened, and we saw Mike. WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD! We hung out a bit, Rence was there too which was nice to see him like. Walked home that evening and I think I did the Christmas tree (my mum had left it for me to decorate, I make it pretty). On Friday night before Christmas I went out to mannies, met up with Laura Jay and had a rather fabby night all in, lots of cocktails, goldschlager and dancing like a fool.

Christmas day itself was lovely. I made my dinner, feta parcels with the most scrummydelicious chutney in. When I woke up there was my old Christmas sack at the end of the bed with some pressies in, and mum came into my room going ‘its Christmas!!!!!!’. Charlie took ages to wake up, lazy devil, but then we went into mums room and we opened our presents on the bed just like we always did. I got one of those 20q things, and spent half the morning trying to fool it with things like ‘beermat’ and ‘cloud’. Hehe, me > technology. I got some really lovely gifts this year, but the main emphasis of the day was just how nice it was to be spending that time with my family. I got a lovely digital radio which I have barely stopped listening to since I got back here. Radio 2 is poisoning my mind :p The other day I bought Amy Winehouse’s album ‘back to black’, they kept playing the singles from it, but it really is a good album. I also bought Jarvis Cockers album, which is just greatness. Also, Mika // Grace Kelly. LOVE IT. :D Maybe my music taste has changed a bit since I came here, but I love it, I’m listening to a far broader range of things and lots more happy stuff!

Anywhoo! Christmas evening we watched a very odd film that mum bought for jock, called ‘Tommy’. It was VERY 70s, believe me when I say that and included such greats as Eric Clapton and Tina Turner. :D I think its probly the sort of film that grows on you after a few viewings, and would most likely be better if you’re very drunk, which I, for some strange reason, wasn’t.

The day after boxing day me and charles went to stay with nan and granddad and daddy dearest came down to spend a few days, which was very nice. Christmas number two really, including more presents and another lovely Christmas dinner. JOY.

I came home again on the Friday evening so I could get everything all packed up, as we were going to stay with Chris and Judith for the night on Saturday in order to be at the airport early on Sunday morning. Was nice having mum all to myself for the night, chatting and stuff. Like that, I do.

Saturday in Birmingham was lovely. Got some LOVELY presents from Chris and Judith, had a gorgeous meal and in the evening me, mummy and Judith sat in the posh living room and watched Sense and Sensibility, which was a lovely film. Featured Alan Rickman, who was rather swoonsome and hero-y, and Emma Thompson, who is one of my favourite actresses ever. Was a really good film.

Had to be up super early the next morning, lovely hot shower and a quick faceful of make up. Judith drove in front of us, part of the way to the airport which was very nice of her. It really was lovely to see them all, all my wonderful crazy cousins. I love my family.

Didn’t like saying goodbye to my mum and Charlie at airport security, was a bit scatterbrained cause of it, and managed to leave my belt there (quite sad about that yanno, I’ve had that belt for ages! Got a new one now though, so its not all that bad :p). Sat in the terminal waiting for the gate to open and I played on my 20Q, managed to fool it with a few more things, the memory of which escapes me now.  flight was good, again I basically peered out of the window the whole time.

Sadly, once I got to Glasgow, I realised the weather was really quite bad. Unsurprisingly at about 6 or 7 in the evening I found out the Hogmanay celebrations had been called off. I have received a refund for the ticket I bought, but nothing will pay for the night I spent on my own, even if I did stay in contact with my family all night and into the morning. Big thanks to anyone who text me or sent me a message on new years by the way, all was greatly appreciated.

Next few days kinda crawled by, not much doing like, just finishing coursework and stuff, filling the time till Aaron got back. Longest nine days of my life, it were. But eventually it was the 9th and I went down to the station to meet him. It was a really nice sunny day, and I’ve never been as happy as the second when I saw him on the platform.

The next few days are kind of a blur in my memory now, but it was nice, we hung out lots, got some work done, I finally got my radio diary in. Why they left the deadline till now I just don’t understand.

Last week we went to Edinburgh for the day, which was really quite the perfect day and really merits a journal entry all to itself. (are you still reading this anyway? I doubt it, lol, I know its long, sorry!) We got an early train, well reasonable so, the first one we tried to catch was cancelled, so we were all escorted off, waited half an hour and were put back on exactly the same bloody train! Stupid First trains. HONESTLY. On the train on the way there we saw much snow on hills and mountains. Loverly. We walked about a bit when we got to Edinburgh and decided to go up to the castle and be uber tourists first. It seemed really daft that the rate for students was exactly the same as the rate for adults, so why call it a student rate at all? Bastids. Being charged as highly as we were, we decided to go to absolutely EVERYTHING there, so we went through all of the museums and gawped at all the displays. There was a group of schoolchildren behind us through a lot of it who were so tiny and their guide was dressed up as a cavalryman. Gave him a sympathetic smile as he passed and received a rather wry one in return. Has some very expensive food in the restaurant and wrote some silly comments on the ‘what do you think…?’ form.

One thing I was really impressed by at the castle was the war memorial. It really was the most peaceful beautiful place, a huge church like building decorated inside with stained glass windows and displays. There were books of remembrance for the war dead, it was quite an eye opener to see the long lists, and personally it made me feel very small in the world. You weren’t allowed to take pictures, but if I can find any on the web I shall put a few in the picture post I’m planning to do after this one.

Eventually we made it out of the castle and realised we’d spent 4 hours in there. Shocking really, but we got kinda engrossed in it, being tourists. :D we still had to track down the ghost tours place, but we found it eventually, at the mercat cross. The tour started at about 7, so we had a wander about and found a nice little pub for some dinner. I had the most gorgeous spinach and feta bakey type filo thingamajig with some gorgeous green salad and Aaron had the most enormous piece of fish I have ever seen, and yes, he ate it! After a few drinks we headed off for our night of ghosts and ghouls

The ghost tour itself was great, it wasn’t so much spooky as just good fun. The tour guide ‘Black Agnes’ was brilliant and encouraged us to join in and mess about. She told a good tale as well and I felt very drawn into the olde Edinburgh she was describing.

Few more drinks and we ran away full pelt to catch the train. The journey back was a good laugh, we sat and scribbled in my notepad and were probly very annoying to the other passengers, lol. Laugh riot.

That’s basically it for big stuff I’ve done, not much said about exams I know, but whatever, one was ok, the other was horrible. We’ll see when the results come out.

As I’ve said, a photo post will be following this one shortly, and I’m going to try and keep up with my journaling a bit better from now on.

Oh yes, and on Monday, I met Simon Pegg and Nick Frost! Teh awesomeness! Can’t wait for Hot Fuzz to come out.

Lastly, if you read all this, like REALLY read it. Comment. Tell me off for being slack, and let me know this whole thing wasn’t a complete waste of time :p (its taken me like a week, next to lectures and busyness, to write this!)

Much love and stuff.


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Hello Livejournal. 
I haven't updated in a while, I know. I'm sorry, I've been busy with revision and coursework. 
But never fear! When my exams have gone away next tuesday I will be here with a brand spanking bumper entry all about my christmas, new year and various other things. Expect to see pictures of many varieties. ^.^
How are things out in livejournal land anyway?
I got my Aaron back yesterday. I am a very happy Izzy. 

Love xxxxx
31st-Dec-2006 01:25 pm - well...
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I'm back in Glasgow, its raining like MAD and the kitchen is straight outta hell.
But I don't care.
I had a great time in Hereford, was nice to see folk again, even though I didn't see everyone, and didn't see some people nearly enough, which really sucks. Feels like I haven't stopped since I left here. But there we go.
Hope the weather clears up before tonight, I'll be an icicle by midnight.
80mph winds forecast. Should be fun.
Right now I think I'm going to get some chow, finish unloading all my junk then wrap up nice and snug and go get me some alcoholic beverages for tonight. 

I will update this with all my holiday misadventures soon, promise. Pictures and everything.
Lovelovelove xxxx

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Look at that. Bad picture, good weather.
Have to go out to the flat in a bit to check the boiler hasn't flooded the whole place. OOPS.
Tomorrow I go home. ZOMG. 

Here endeth the short entry. Hehe.
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Well, thursday already is it? It's pitch black outside and I'm watching Top Gear on youtube. Hehe. Loves it.
A mere 4 days and a bit till I go back to Hereford for Christmas. Can't wait. Want to see my tall grown up brother and all the gang. :D Really looking forward to seeing my dad too, as it's been like 3 months since I last saw him.
After christmas I'm going to spend alittle bit of money, if I get any, on a printer for the laptop, some more RAM for the poor thing cause it gets tired easy, and possibly maybe I might get a DAB radio cause its a pain having to turn on my laptop whenever I want a bit of music. Good news is, I'll hopefully be able to get the printer and the RAM on discount cause Fern works at PC World, and she says she'll even be able to get the RAM fitted for me, for free.
Tonight being the second last evening before Aaron goes home, means we are going out for a meal and some student type drinking jollity and I have to give him his present, which is awesome tbh, oh yes. He has to work tomorrow evening, which is really annoying. RARGH and I won't be up when he leaves on Saturday morning.
I guess, having being a bit lax on the entries again, I should tell you about my past week...
Last weekend my mum and jock came up here and we went to this gig. It was, in a word...amazing. It was based around more of a ceilidh, which for the uneducated out there is a scottish dance/social event thang and you say it exactly how you say my first name :) And of course, there was a lot of alcohol involved. We got a table enxt to some lovely people who were very quick to talk to us. Then one, Susan dragged me up and taught me to dance, if rather left footedly, a nice simple dance called The Gay Gordons. It went on, I swear for about 10 minutes, by the end of which I was knackered. Got on with lots more drinking and socialising, met one of the scottish rugby team, who was BLOODY TALL. Like 8ft or something. Haha. M+J met some guy they'd been drinking with on the island who was wasted and dancing madly, how he managed to stay on his feet I do not know. I don't think there is a drink in the world that I didn't drink by the end of the night. Haha. I blame m+j, encouraging me!!!
Uhm...anything else I've been doing...lots of christmas shopping, got some lovely smellies from Lush which make my room smell like heaven or something. :D
Next couple of days are going to be busy, I'm going to pack my stuff up and do my washing before monday so that I can spend monday tidying my room/fridge/kitchen, getting any last minute pressies and bits and bobs then have a nice early night. Tuesday I plan to get up at about 8, get the bus to the airport and have my breakfast there so I can watch the planes for a while and be all well organised and in plenty of time for everything.
One thing that is worrying me is that the boys in room 6 obviously won't be going home for christmas, and regrettably, they also make most of the mess in the kitchen, so I'm hoping to goodness that the whole flat isn't a tip when I come back, especially as they seem to both be now using our shower, despite having one of their own in their en suite double room, and the cleaners take 2 weeks off over Christmas.
But ah well, only a few more months of that, then I'll be safe in my own lovely flat.
Weeeeh! :D

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Comment and I'll give you a letter; then you have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter. After, post this in your journal, and give out some letters of your own.

dark_pheonix gave me "c".

1. Cranberry juice. It's berry berry good for you and utterly delicious tasting.
2. Cream crackers, specifically jacobs brand. Even more specifically when they are spread with soft cheese.
3. Cash, Johnny. I appreciate this is cheating, but I could never leave him out of such a list.
4. Charlie, my little brother, a pest he may be, but I love him.
5. Cats. By far superior to dogs. I love their independence.
6. Christmas!!! My favourite time of year especially this year because I shall see my family again.
7. Candles. To create an aura of mystery.
8. Cuddling up in bed with my breakfas, a good book/newspaper/magazine and Terry Wogan on the radio.
9. Chocolate. Because I'm a big girly-girl at heart.
10. Comedy. Because if you don't laugh, you'll cry.

Now cme get your letters :D
7th-Dec-2006 01:08 am - Jingle smells, Batmans bells.
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Wow, I love Livejournals festive makeover. How cheerful. Don't you think the little icons should have santa hats on though? Maybe thats just me.
How GREAT is Chris Evan's drivetime show this week, I love the idea of broadcasting from listeners houses, its given the show an even more dynamic feel. Even if the characters do seem a bit stereotypical. But what the ho. And the whole thing's been getting a lot of stick on the radio 2 message boards, but those are the same people who've been complaining about him since he first took over drivetime.
I still urge you all to go read Chris's blogs on the bbc website. <3 him.
Anyway, blatant promotion for radio 2 over now, k.

I am no longer single. I've had a few people comment that it's a little soon after leaving Mike, but to be honest, we had a very amiable split, and it's not like I haven't had a period of 'mourning' cause I've been down about the whole situation since September. And also, it's my life, and I'm moving on, a fresh start with nothing too serious.

^That is the unlucky blokey by the way.
Got another presentation on friday. EEP. Bloody sociology. But after that I can have a little bit of relaxation...well until I get thrown into exam revision after christmas, anyway. Found out today that my exams are on the 15th and 16th of January. So I've got 2 weeks of down-time in which to stress my poor wee brain out. I'm coming back here for New Year, which will be different. Me and Fern have gotten tickets for the George Square party, which I thought was sold out, so yay. That will be ace. Cause yanno...Hereford = not so great at the New Year thang.

Looking forward to this weekend, well except for work, obv, but M+J are going to be up here on Friday, so I will meet them after my presentation and I think Mum wants to shop a bit and do all that, and they can meet Aaron and then in the evening we're off to see The Vatersay Boys, which will be AWESOME, and I'm going to dance my feet off, and we'll probably drink far too much cheap beer and eat some dodgy chips from a take-away and mum will stagger in that way I find so funny. I LOVE YOU MUMMY. :D
All in all, should be pretty damn good. Cannae wait.
Then, can yee believe it, I have only a week and a bit till I'm heading home on a hairyplane to see all the buggers again :p. And my dear little brother of course.
Anywhoodles, I'd better be signing off for the night, Lots to do tomorrow.
Love to all of you'z xxxxx
30th-Nov-2006 02:06 pm - Qi Goodness
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(stolen directly from wikiquote)

Phill Jupitus: There’s that great joke about the little soldier who’s with General Custer, and they can hear the… [taps a war drum beat on the desk] …and he says to the little Geordie soldier, “Listen, they’ve got war drums,” and the Geordie soldier goes, “The thieving bastards!”
Stephen Fry: Is it, like, a naval wardroom? Is that what they’re saying, “wardroom”?
[Phill sighs in exasperation and puts his head on the desk]
Stephen Fry: Well, it’s where naval officers gather for their pink gins, it’s called the wardroom.
Phill Jupitus: [to the Pudsey plush on his desk] Oh, Pudsey, make him stop!
Stephen Fry: Well, [Geordie accent] “they’ve got wardrooms, the thieving bastards”? [Normal] What…?
Phill Jupitus: In Newcastle, they say, instead of “our”, they say, “wor”!
Stephen Fry: Well, they simply must go to school, it’s just ridiculous.

God bless Fry, the posh git that he is <3
Its raining today, rather heavily. Pity. Least I don't have to go out. No classes today. W00h.

List of thingythings to do though: 

1) Write back to Nan and Aunty Betty.
2) Do my books, make sure all my money is ok.
3) Email university about tuition fees, again.
4) Get all my sociology lecture notes offa blackboard
5) Tidy my room, for it is a tramps abode.

The Christmas lights are up and on here in George Square. Is tres tres beau. 
I have pictures!

Thats the biggest tree they've ever had, 4 feet bigger than the year before. Also, see the reindeer in from of it. AWHHH.


Crib. Which is behind glass, so noone does anything obscene to Mary. But it's wrong, cause JC isn't supposed to be in there yet. Tut.

There is also an ice rink, but it's quite expensive, so I'm not sure yet if I'll go. St Enochs Square is full of an International Christmas Fayre, which is full of yummy smells, mulled wine and hot foreign people. 
Christmas, beautiful. :)
Uhm....not sure if theres anything else to tell. Only a couple of weeks till I go home now. Scaree eh? I can't believe I've nearly been here a full semester already. That means I have a very short amount of time to get Christmas presents. I've only got 3 so far. DANG. 
So people, how are you all? Come on, talk back, I'm bored :p

23rd-Nov-2006 09:12 am - hello hello hello hello hello
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and welcome to QI my morning.
Just a quick entry, I'm in a bit of a hurry.
I'm going to the scottish BBC today to help out on some new program with Alison and Fern. Should be pretty interesting. Different, aye. And apparently we -may- get paid for it.

Off to put on a face anyway.

p.s. Nelly Furtado's new song is made of awesome and I've had it in my head for DAYS.
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Long time no update, as ever. I am the worst blogger ever.
Got my first essay back today (Sociology) and did well considering how stressed I was about it. Was 20% over the pass mark anyway, so go me! Now just gotta wait for the HSM essay, but apparently we won't get those back till very close to Christmas. Damnit. Oh and the results of radio lab. But I think that went quite well so its just a matter of waiting.

In case anyone didn't know, Mike and I split up last week. I NEVER DID LOVE HIM. 

My lovely mummy is sending a tesco delivery for me tomorrow with random goodies. Yay. Will be fun.
Think I shall spend the rest of today catching up with my radio diary and tidying a bit.
Anyway, keeping this entry short and sweet. Will do a proper one soon. :D
Love to you all.
6th-Nov-2006 11:55 am - I am Adam Ant....:p
katamari head
Long time no update, was getting complaints from the parental units so yanno, HIYA.
Had my first essay due on friday. HOLY COW. Decided right at the last minute (literally, picture me typing furiously with steam shotting out of my ears and hands all a-blur) that half of it sounded very bloomin primary school. But yeah, got it in on time, so go me.
halloween was ace. went to the glasgow unversity union, the QMU with Allison. Involved her boyfriend driving like maniac, well he was dressed as the Hulk. LOL.
I went as Adam Ant, which most of you probably knew. But I haven't posted pictures, so here you go...
I gots a gun. :D
I think thats the most effort I have ever gone to for Halloween. And hell it was worth it, even for the weird middle agers who kept coming up to me yelling 'stand and deliver'. Hehe. Saw the most excellente costumes that night too. People have teh good imaginations. 
Think someone in a full Alien costume. God I wish I'd gotten a picture. Mind you, it was somewhat scary when you turn around on the dancefloor to be faced with that. :|
There were a lot of Jesus's (Jesi? Jesues?) too. 
And too many goddamn pirates!

Other than that, fairly uneventful week. Went to see Saw 3 with Aaron on wednesday. Was ok, very GOREGOREGORE. Hopefully they will let the franchise lie now, cause if they did do another one...well, they've run out of twists I thinks. 
Did you know the Nazi's used television for propaganda? BEFORE the BBC started using television.
Aah, the things you learn.
Payday again on friday. Glory be, that came round fast. Gotta get me some christmas shopping a'doing. I swear, when I go back to Hereford for Christmas, my suitcase is just going to be full of presents. 
Anyway, I'm away to learn stuff.
Will try to keep my updates a bit more regular. But ain't making no promises, aight? 

And how are you today?

25th-Oct-2006 01:23 pm - I've got a theory...
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...that its a demon.

Yep, buffy musical. S'good. Always.
Making a start on my Sociology essay today. The text I wanted from the library wasn't there (all 17 copies of it are out!!! Damn those speedy sociology students, *shakes fist*) so I got a slightly different, but hopefully still helpful book instead. I think my desk might collapse under the sheer weight of all the books on it.
I have a peach. Yummy.
Never noticed before, but I can see planes fly over by my window. Saw a strange fast moving light and thought it was a UFO, but no. Just squeezy-Jet bussing a load of poor unfortunate souls from A to B via a lack of general leg room. :p
Am really looking forward to flying home at Christmas. As well as the seeing everyone and all that jazz, its just going to be exciting. Flying is joy.

Oh and hello. Paul Bettany, yum. Yes?

It's true. And I sense an obsession on the horizon :p
I shall file it away next to Christopher Eccleston ^_^

What? Do not look at me in that tone of voice! Have you even SEEN Shallow Grave? COOORRRR.
22nd-Oct-2006 02:27 pmRoll To
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In other news...I feel like crud. (Yes Pat, I have finally been hit with freshers flu.)
It's BAAAAD. And that's my best shaun the sheep impression. You get that one for free, next time I'll charge.

Saw my jubbly family on Friday. They brought me tyrells crisps, packet suaces and other sustenance in the form of the cartoons from The Daily Fascist. W00t.
We went and had breakfast, (I got up too late, haha, lazy me) and took a wee bitty tour. I went to a lecture or two and they went to the flat then we met up again, I scoffed some crisps and we took a bus to the airport.
Paid special attention here, cause I don't want to get lost when I fly back at christmas. I like airports, I like the atmosphere, opportunities, all that. I like to wonder where people are going. Holiday? Work? Could be anything really.
To be fair, its not that bad an Airport to get around, and the BA (yes I'm flying BA, traditionalist and all that, plus it was cheapest) desks are the first ones by the door. Simple enough. It's going to be FUN. And what's more...FUN. :D

And because I like to annoy your internetz-
The Rabble
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Clearly I was impressed. :p
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

On December the 8th we're going to see The Vatersay Boys at the Barrowlands. If you don't know who they are...well, it sucks to be you. HAWHAW. Music to jig to. Yay.

Oh yeah...one more thing.


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

MWAHAHAHA. I am entirely made of awesome.
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One word. ZOMG.
What a gig. Oh lordy.
Seems we waited forever and ever, through two mildy interesting, but mainly generic *yawn* support bands. The Barrowlands is an awesome gig venue. Drank rather a lot of cheap beer whilst waiting, which mixed in a queasy kind of way with my stomach full of Cinzano. Whoops! The atmosphere, with all the booze going round was getting kind of tense and dangerous, despite the large amount of small children there (with their parents, hahahaha) (all of whom, you can be sure, had only really heard Miss Murder, phools)
When AFI eventually came one, I am not ashamed to say I stood gobsmacked with my hands over my mouth for a few minutes, and I truly did think I was going to cry. They began with 'prelude' which was just breathtaking, with low dusky lights and then Davey appeared from the gloom.
We were still quite near the back at this point, but then they broke into 'girls not grey' and me and Allison quite literally dived into the crowd.
By the time our dive was over we were about 2 rows back from the front. And hell it was a crush. Within minutes I was drenched in sweat, mine and others. Intimacy, yumm. After a few songs, Allison was lost to the crowd but I was staying where I was.
Pleased to say that they played a nice mix of songs old and new, lots of stuff from sing the sorrow, which was just...awesome.

TBH, I can't do the gig justice by writing about it, so here are the pictures I managed to snap.

*mega mega swoon*

Quite proud of those really.

And finally Johnny Cash. Because I'm not just a gothypunk music fan :p

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*long lazy stretch*
I realised I haven't updated here for a while, and so I'm doing it on what is my first lazy morning for 3 days. Lying in bed at this time feels good, maybe because I know in my heart I should get up and stop being a lazy moo-cow. But I am listening to the radio, which is kind of work. Even if it is Wogan, again. *chortle*
Last night was nice, watched lots of Lord of the Rings (Return of the King) and sobbed a little. Gets me every time, yes it does. I've decided when I'm older/rich I'm going to live in an underground house in the style of a hobbit-hole. Cosy subterranean living AND good for the environment. Yay.
Have a seminar and a lecture today. Humm. Not till 2 though, so its all good.
You should all read Chris Evans' blog on Radio 2. Do't mean to sound like a wet blanket, but he really is quite a nice chap, not the dopey pillock that the tabloids tend to paint him as. He even makes me chuckle at times. Sod all the Radio 2 traditionists who don't think he belongs.

AFI tomorrow. Bet I get killed by fat goths :p.
Had a really weird nights sleep last night, had about ten disjointed dreams, wish I could remember them better.
I see my mummy this weekend. D'awh. ILY mummy :D, yes, and you too Charlie, you spongemonkey walrusface.
LOL. I'm in such a good mood. Tea ist good, ja.


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"Jeremy Clarkson is on Q.I on Friday 13th October!"

GodDAMN my lack of tv.
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It's official, I really am turning into a forty year old man. When I woke up this morning I listened to 'wake up to wogan'.

And I don't CARREEEEE, it made me chuckle. Plus his voice is soothing and reminds me of going to my nan and grandads in Saundersfoot.
Trying to write my presentation for HSM seminar next tuesday, its really hard cause its such a broad topic. Basically 'is the British press just a big business to sell newspapers, or does it have a genuine social and public function?' and I have to cover the critical side, accusing the newspapers of being run by moguls and conglomerates.

This entry is brought to you by the following-

Wogan - "poor George, he's up and down like a bees wing" (I actually spat out a little of my bagel this morning laughing at that.

And my lecture tutor telling us that SAGA as in the old persons holiday company used to be affectionately known as 'Send A Granny Abroad'.
She was the craziest damn lecturer I've had so far, possibly even crazier than my old chemistry teacher Mr Erwin. She was telling us how her son grew up watching the tellytubbies and then she made the heinous mistake of telling us he 'still had a tinky winky'
Cue embarrassed pause, then laughter.

Oh dear me.

Oh and also, watch this here - http://www.glasgow.gov.uk/en/AboutGlasgow/WebCams/
Its a webcam that overlooks George Square. Lol. I'll be on it in a bit.
5th-Oct-2006 03:08 pm - Listening to the radio IS real work.
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For radio production, I have to make a radio diary of at least 12 entries. This is an assignment I'm going to enjoy. :D Spent three very enjoyable hours today listening to last Saturdays Jonathan Ross show and filling in my diary entry of critique and more than that, praise. He had Jessica Stephenson as a guest and next week he has Michelle Gomez and Julian Rhind Tutt from Green Wing.
Anyone know of any other good online radio stations or shows? I need to have quite a wide variety for the diary, including-
a local radio station.
a regional commercial station
a national commercial station
a national bbc station (done, Radio 2 <3 )
a regional bbc station
A station only available digitally.
Next week there is a radio play with Julian Rhind Tutt, so I'll listen to that as it is another thing on the list.
I need to find a good comedy show....

Today is good. But I think all this Radio 2 might turn me into a forty something balding truck driver, as that seems to be the general demographic of their listeners. But like hell am I going to listen to Radio 1, to quote Jeremy Clarkson "Radio 1 is out, unless you enjoy being serenaded by people banging bits of furniture together"

Someone fetch me a wingback chair, some slippers and a copy of the Guardian please, I'm starting to feel my age.
4th-Oct-2006 03:37 pm - Camera obsession.
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Well, as I haven't done a proper update in a while, here you go.
Firstly, because I forgot about them, pictures from last wednesday night, BEFORE I fell over and made a fool of myself :p.
We went over to another halls (portree) where Arrons girlfriend lives. Their flat was really nice, but it was quite odd cause it was all girl, not mixed like ours. We've decided we're going to put all our low chairs in the kitchen so we've got a wee social area, that was what they had done and it was really nice.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Megan dearest. A little bit drunk methinks....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Boy in a skirt. They out make up on him and we all agreed he looked like Eddie Izzard. He had no complaints. I just wish I could remember names.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The one with the grin is Craig who we only met that night, but who is an absolute sweetheart. I swear to god he never stopped smiling the whole night. Oh and the girl on the right is Rhi, who is also in my halls.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Arron and his laydee, who was lovely and sweet.

All in all it was a good night until the falling over part. I haven't even had a single drink since then, heh. *fails as a student* I'm sure it must be breaking some sort of law. :p But I have been doing WORK, reading and studying and the like. Next tuesday in my media seminar we have to give a presentation on the Press and whether it has any real social use, or is just a business to make money.

Bought my textbooks on monday and nearly had a coronary, 45 squids for two books. Yoik. But hey, they're gonna help me pass so it's money well spent. *nods*
Today had a sociology lecture, was kinda funny cause halfway through some berks phone made a doorbell noise and everyone went quiet for a second, then laughed and the lecturer was like 'glad you all heard that too, I thought I was going crazy'.
Met up with my seminar group afterwards, to plan our presentation. We went into the Saltire centre, which is where the library is located and it had about 1000 pc stations, wireless internet, coffee, and many other things.
Very high tech, its practically a brand new building and I bet it cost a fortune.
There are loads of studying spaces in there, and we eventually found a low table surrounded by bean bags, which was obscene amounts of fun to be fair. Feeling very comfy and relaxed we settled down to work. I was starting to feel a bit peeved that I didn't have my camera with me, everything in that building is just so spacey yanno? We went up to the library, and after spending about half an hour locating the right book (srsly, this place is 5 floors of books, and it has compact electric shelving which slides open and looks rather scary) we had a lot of fun using the automated book checking out machine. It gives you a reciept, a fascinating new idea, I must say. :p
Anyway, me being the fool, hadn't brought my matriculation card, so I hiked back to my halls, had a sarnie, dumped my books and headed back out again, this time armed with my camera of doom.
Got very dizzy climbing the spiral staircase back to the top of the library but then began madly snapping away, I think I got some rather dodgy looks...But what the hell eh?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Space pods and aliens....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
At which point I was getting a bit vertigo-ey, everything in the building is so open and wide, you feel kinda like you're floating, I was basically in awe.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
People who look like ants.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
All the floor numbers were colourful perspex boxes which looked very funky.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Can you see that? SUNSHINE. Bootyful.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Rather groovy murals.

All over the building, in random places there were paintings and pictures, and silhouettes of birds and butterflies, it really is the most pleasing-to-the-eye kind of place, when I walked in I felt immediately relaxed.

Yup, anywhoodles....
Oh, more pictures!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
These are possibly the slowest goddamn escalators in the WORLD. But Buchanan Galleries shopping centre is teh cool. ^_^
And look. Even more sunshine!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And you thought I'd forgotten about livejournal?? Hah. No way matey.

And no I will not cut these.
lovelovelove xxxx
1st-Oct-2006 09:02 pm - I dare you...
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...to watch this without laughing. If you don't laugh, you have no sense of humour, so what are you doing here?

I need 'monster' on dvd... Which reminds me, Green Wing 2 is out tomorrow. Yipppeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Work today, was long. Waaay long. 
Funnmy at points though, like me and my friend Jason talking about how flan makers wouldn't be able to talk while doing their job, in case they made the wrong type of base for the flan. (Long story) Oh and about half an hour before we finished work, it started bucketing it down outside (typical!) and the roof of the stock room leaked. 
 REJOICE. Silly new Primark. Oh how I lol'd. 
Anyway, I'm away to watch more Dylan Moran. :D
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So, it's friday, which means I have now been here for exactly 2 weeks. Yoik. Still not homesick (why would I be homesick for hereford???) But I am missing my family and friends like MAD. And my cats. 

My achievements so fur run thus-

1. Managing to eat a somewhat healthy meal every day, and FRUIT. (oh another note, I havent eaten ANY chocolate since I've been here, for teh win :D )
2. Going to all my meetings and lectures without getting lost.
3. Making new friends, both male and female. Ya really.
4. Going to work and making a friend there too. 
5. Meeting Adam Ant. 
6. Smashing my stupid face up. And no you cannot see a picture. I am ASHAMED.

Aren't I doing well?

27th-Sep-2006 10:43 am - pop stars
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a) I'm very hungover
b) I just ran up the aggregate total of about 800 stairs.
c) I don't care.....cause l00k >>>>>

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Me getting my tall person stalker hat on. At this point I was actually jumping about like a mad fool.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Dude wears a bandanna, thus he wins my respect. Immediately. :D

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Mister Nice Ant.

And no, I'm not putting them behind a cut, so don't ask. :D Get better internetz.

Now in a more normal and coherent style I shall report my day yesterday.
Lecture, blah 'Introduction to pies History + Structures of the Media.'
That done, I came home, introduced myself to the food in the cupboards -('hello food' 'hello izzy' 'gerufphmlllyumm') And proceeded to get very squibbly.
Decided I couldn't deal with all that squibble by myself so enlisted the Megan of next door fame to come with me. We were both, amusingly, very excited.

Left here at about five, giving us plenty of time to get to Borders, even if a herd of wild buffalo were roaming the streets of Glasgow we'd of been ok cause we had TIME.
Got there, climbed many stairs to the top of the shop and were confronted by A Very Big Queue, which ran round the top floor and down some stairs into the childrens book section, a very colourful and fun place to be. However a man with a walkie talkie (who ARE these people? I'm sensing a theme) told us people of the queue that we should in fact of been queuing down the main stairs. We were all very...British as we reformed the orderly queue on the stairs. And it was still only half past five. It was really funny to watch all the different types of people going past us to the end of the queue. Adam Ant inspires love across the board :D Well, except for the scene kids *booo hiss* They can get to funk as far as I see it.
At about quarter past six, which makes him rather late, there resounded from above an almighty cheer, meaning the man himself had arrived. Or maybe Jesus. We couldn't tell, being stuck as we were in the stairwell.
Sorry, thats just to give you an idea of the amount of time Megan and I had to wait.
There was a very nice german man in the queue in front of us. First he gave us badges, then he showed us the seven books he'd had signed three hours earlier in Edinburgh (or Edinberg as he called it - bless). He also showed us pictures of Adam, who was looking to my delight, very well, and not at all as haggard as he looked when I saw him in some documentary last year. Nice German man also gave me a bookmark. Yay AA fans <3
Slowly slowly we moved away from the stairwell, and interestingly into the computing section of the shop. Did you know there have been whole volumes written about how to use iPods and iTunes? And that, if you really want to, you can buy a book on how to best price your items. Particularly interesting was the book on 'how to use google'. I KID YOU NOT. I very nearly took a picture, it amused me that much.
Glasgow smells of toast. FACT.
And back to the story....
Finally got our first glimpse of Adam. It was le awesomee. But tall people in queues should generally naff off :(
And then, the front of the queue. This is where I will again decend into the form of storytelling I call squibble, cause I can't think of any way to decribe it that would do it justice.
He shook my hand!!!! My right hand, touched Adam Ants right hand. *worships hand*
And he was suprisingly cheerful looking for a man who has spent the whole week signing books. I bet on the inside he was thinking 'no more books, no more books, please GOD not another DAMN BOOK' I mean, would you blame him? And he did look very healthy and good, and tbh he has the prettiest eyes, the bugger. I was trying to think of something smart or clever to say but my mind seemed to have been replaced with cabbage soup or jelly or something and the best I could do was stand there beaming like the village idiot and trying not to fall over. Some Borders worker took our photo...and umm yeah, somehow me and Megan managed to get back to the ground floor, although I can't remember much of it cause I was too....spiffy and full of elation. I think we took the lift, cause I remember having a distinct feeling of dizzyness that I only get from lifts. Oh dear.
I remember the sales girl was really nice and friendly and didn't laugh at me too much when I had to lean against the counter so as not to fall down, and took a while to remember my pin number....
It was only when we were halfway back to our halls that it suddenly properly hit me. I really did meet Adam Ant. Like really really.
That, has made my goddamn week.

In other news, today I had a lecture, which turned out to be more of an informal meeting like the one yesterday. However, it felt more like a lecture, because we were seated in a theatre which seats about 500. Turns out a lot of people want to do Sociology huh? Amongst all the dates for seminars and other such gubbins, I wrote 'omg WAY BIG LECTURE'. My note taking skills are unexcelled. Yup.
Gotta be there again tomorrow, same time for a lecture proper.
And as for today, I have nothing to do. WHEEEEEEEE.
My tesco food delivery comes between 6 and 7. Joyous indeed.
I need bread, goddamnit.

Anyway, I'm going to leave you in peace now. Well done if you got to the end of this without wishing death upon me. :p
Lovelovelove xxxxx
25th-Sep-2006 09:48 pm - LOL
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25th-Sep-2006 06:19 pmRoll To
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Please excuse the randomness of my last post.
It was late at night, and I'd had A VERY LONG DAY.
Work in Primark here is quite quite different to work in Primark in Hereford. Next saturday I start at seven in the morning, and finish at eleven I think.
But hell, its money.
Today was nice and lazy, I lay in bed till twelve reading. Then rolled out of bed and went to meet Jim to get the flat keys back. Will have to go out there in the week to get some clothes dried and stuff.
Listening to lots of Alanis Morissette at the mo, going to go and do some creative work in the kitchen in a bit.
It may involve pasta, quorn and white sauce.
It may or may not be nice.

I did my shopping earlier on tesco.com. *feels like an adult* *albeit a very lazy one*
Got my first lecture tomorrow. OMG. Not till like 3 though. God I love my timetable.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Do you blame me?? And I only have to go to lectures this week.

Now the question is...should I go see Dave Pearce tomorrow? Just for the hell of it?
OOOOH, and tomorrow I'm going to meet Adam Ant/Stuart Goddard. ZOMG indeed, lol. *may die*
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"And I learnt French at school, up to the age of 16, and then I just kept talking it endlessly after that. And at school, the first page I ever learnt in French was full of things that are quite difficult to get into conversation, thinks like “the mouse is underneath the table” – la souris est en dessous la table. Just slip that when you’re buying a ticket to Paris: “Le train à Paris, oui? C’est ici? C’est maintenant? Cinq minutes… la souris est en dessous la table…”

The other line was, “the cat is on the chair” – le chat est sur la chaise – slightly more easy to fit in; and “the monkey is on the branch” – “le singe est sur la branche.” Very difficult to get into a conversation! Not a lot of jungle in France… monkeys thin on the ground… thin in the air… just generally pretty trim!

And yes, so it just wasn’t working. We go to bars and cafés, that’s where we go; we go to bars and cafés, and we sit there and we have chats in the café.

“Oui, j’aime beaucoup le cafê, le cafê noir and très fort; très choud… ( inhales ) avec une cuillère dedans… ( mocking sound ) Ah, le virage de la cuillère; le virage des poitrines… Je mets la cuillère dans la bouche…”

“Je suis le Président de Burundi!”

Ah, oui, Burundi! Je le connais bien! C’est tout près de Zaire, oui? Tout près de Mozambique… No, Tanzanie, Tanzanie! ( chuckles falsely ) Oui, je les ai appris quand j’ai les pox de poulet. Je dois part maintenant parce que ma grandmère est flambèe…”

If you don’t speak French, by the way, all that was fucking funny, all right? We go and get hotel rooms for the night:

“Vous avez une chambre, monsieur?”

“Oui, nous avons les chambres, nous sommes un hôtel!”

“OK, je voudrais une chambre avec un grand lit…” – a large bed – “avec une vue de la mer…” – a view of the sea – “avec une douche… with a spider.”

“Oui, monsieur… c’est chambre 42, monsieur.” “42? Merci beaucoup. Mais, la souris est en dessous la table, le chat est sur la chaise et le singe est sur la branche.”


“Il y a un singe sur la branche? Le chat? La souris?”

“Ou est le singe?”

“Le singe est sur la branche.”

“Est-ce que le singe est dans la chambre?”

In the end, the only way I could get that line into a conversation was I had to go to France with a cat, a mouse, a monkey, a table and a chair, and wander around heavily wooded areas. “Come on, come on! Someone’s coming, someone’s coming! Quick, positions! Les positions, maintenant! Boulot, boulot! Tout de suite! Vas-y! Vas-y!


“Eh, bonjour. Qu’est-ce qui se passe?”

“Bonjour, je suis Anglais, je suis ici en vacances. C’est très belle ici, les couleurs, les bois, très belle.”

( inhaling ) “Tu est un travesti?”

“Oui, je suis un travesti, mais pas un travesti typical. Je suis un travesti executive… Un travesti d’action!”

“Très bien…”

“Mais, la souris est en dessous la table, le chat est sur la chaise et le singe est… est… le singe est disparu.”

Cause the monkey would fuck off! He’d do his own thing. He was a bloody monkey! He was a cheeky monkey… and he knew my French wasn’t very good, so he’d go off and do things.

“Ah, le singe… maintenant… regarde. Il est sur une bicyclette. Il joue au banjo. Et il fume une pipe. Maintenant, il arrête… Il lit un journal, il a on journal…

Et maintenant il est dans l’autobus! Il conduit l’autobus! Et Sandra Bullock est dans l’autobus! Il y a une bombe dans l’autobus! Il faut conduire l’autobus plus de 50 kilomètres par l’heure. Et Keanu Reeves! Là! Il arrive dans la voiture! Il a pas de cheveux et Jeff Daniels est déjà mort… Regarde, il se jette dans l’autobus. Et Dennis Hopper, oh! Dennis Hopper, quel méchant!”

That was the film “Speed” in French, which in France was called “La Vitesse!” Or at least it should have been, but in fact it was called “Speed.” Yeah"
23rd-Sep-2006 11:19 pmRoll To
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Yeah, I may be bored. I'm going to need to reset my body clock, if I'm going to stand any chance of getting to the ball work on time.
You know what time we finish here on a saturday? Seven.
You know what time I start tomorrow? Nine.
Hours in shift? Yup, ten.

Death...may happen. I've never worked a ten hour shift in my LIFE.

Stupid new shop.
Aside from that, its pretty nice, even if it is like descending into the bowels of HELL when you go into the stock room, and the canteen is underground, which is enough to bring out the claustrophobia in anyone. I spent today feeling mostly like a fox continually going to earth.
And I swear, there are like 300 people work there. How am I ever, ever going to learn anyones name??

Also...all those people, one clocking in machine. You do the math.

I'm going to actually go and attempt to sleep now. Failing that, I will read some more. Failing that I'll try and do some algebra....well it was very succesful at throwing me into a mind numbing stupor at school...:p
23rd-Sep-2006 10:33 pmRoll To
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I will NOT restart my laptop again, just because norton says I should.
Will not, will not, will not, will not.
If I do, the proxy thing will probably have another emo moment and go cry in a corner or something, meaning that my goddamn internet that I don't pay for will diasappear.

Instead, I will go do something healthy, like kill the drunks outside, for DARING to be loud outside my WINDOW. I think it may be gang rape...
And carry on reading memoirs of a geisha.

22nd-Sep-2006 06:29 pm - My day in pictures...
awesome, black books
Actually remembered to take my camera into town with me today. JOY.
Thus indulged in my favourite hobby of recording everything.
Most of which you will probably find terribly boring. But this is my journal, so naff off :)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Purdy metal peacock on top of a shop.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Bag. Bag. Bag. Chair?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Man with pipe :D

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Pretty building.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
They must've had a sense of humour eh?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
No reason really. Argle Street.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Not all sunshine and daisies. But I like it.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Central station. Hustle and bustle.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I was sat on teh floor, messing about with my camera.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
People watching.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
*shrugs* iunno.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
You will have to remove my camera from my cold dead clammy hands. Savvy?

And the two best pictures of all...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

That is all. For now.
I start work tomorrow. lol. Hope it does ok.
awesome, black books
There are no reasons here. But its funny how someones face automatically drop when they see a queue, like watching a pile of bricks drop onto a trampoline.
Like mine did earlier when I saw the one I had to wait in to collect my matriculation card...
But then, as if by magic a nice man with a walkie talkie (more important people) came over to me and said that he'd opened up a brand shiny new queue which I was advised to join in order to get myself out of the fuzzy mess that is the sports hall. Felt distinctly winnish as I started said new queue and soon had a shiny new card with my name on it (handy in case I get REALLY drunk I guess?) and a very unflattering picture of me looking highly alien-like. *Guffaw*
Added to that I went and purchased for my pleasure a card and a wristband which gives me access to all the events of freshers week, and pre-freshers week. Only cost me a tenner. W00t. Does mean however that I may need a new wallet as it currently bulges with all of this-
Yoik. But...with the freshers week pass, I can meet PAT SHARP of Fun House fame, who now allegedly DJ's. HAH. And also umm....Dave Pearce infamous Radio One DJ. 

Yeah, well, the drinks are cheap. Is a big plus.
It's raining here, and I don't care. *gazes out of the window*

*comes back to earth*
Bought a jubbly poster today, spirited away *fangirls squee*
I need more posters to brighten up my walls, damnit.
Watching more Green Wing now, lol. How sad am I.
I feel the mad urge to dye my hair.

More...when it hits me.
Like a bus.
18th-Sep-2006 12:06 pm - Because its so right...
awesome, black books

Double johnny come lately-ness. w00t.

I have my enrolement session in two hours. Zomg. 

Reading through the entire of bob_and_bob helps though. :D

p.s. it gets better and better-
17th-Sep-2006 09:08 pm - because I know you want to.
katamari boogie
Dear Izzy...

I ____ you.

You have a nice______.

You make me _______.

You should _______.

Someday I will ______.

You + me =________.

If I saw you now I'd __________.

I want to ________ you.

I would build a _______ just for you.

If I could sing you any song it would be _________.

We could __________ under the stars.


(P.S. ______________.)

Yeah. Do iiiiiittt.
17th-Sep-2006 01:10 pm - Sunday morning drama.
awesome, black books
So, I'm in the kitchen, minding my own beeswax and gazing fearfully into a bowlful of washing up when a piercing sound...uh..pierced the air.
Fire alarm.
Peeked outside and saw people leaving our building, so with a disgusting lack of hurriedness, located my shoes and we all filed down the three sets of stairs and out into the courtyard. A man with a walkie-talkie (sure sign of being IMPORTANT) told us to go further away from the building, so we did as we were told, like good little kiddies.
Important geezer came down and we found out the cause of this totally unneeded mass exodus from safe-house Eldon.
Some UTTER NIT in flat 1 left her stoopid stinking hair straighteners on.
*cue one nit left looking very shame-faced and apologising profusely to us all*

*shakes fist in her general direction*

Then a troop of trooping firemen went past us. All carrying their helmets. Clearly they were ready for business, as the final one (who was the most grim faced of them all) was lugging a fire extinguisher about the size of a can of coke in his gloved hand. Now doesn't it just warm the heart to know that they are well prepared for BIG BAD FIRES.

Of which there was no sign.
So, no fire. And I have wet feet.

Time to go beat aforementioned nit about the head with her own silly straighteners methinks.
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