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OMGZZZZ Glasgow.
..today is a good day I think. My loan finally came through so I am… 
30th-Sep-2008 04:21 pm
awesome, black books
..today is a good day I think.
My loan finally came through so I am no longer 1500 squids overdrawn.
It's been sunny and lovely.
I'm going horse riding tonight!
In light of that I bought some rather sexual new jodhpurs and gloves. (Purple, so they'll clash most brilliantly with my hair, wooh :D)
Also bought some gorgeous pjs and slippers from Topshop (oh how I love thee!) The slippers are all fluffy and cosy and the pjs are a lovely blue colour with a lion on the front. Leo's unite!

I'm so happy. Tonight is gonna be amazing.
Gonna take my camera an see if I can get some piccies to put on here.
laters xxx
(Deleted comment)
30th-Sep-2008 03:37 pm (UTC)
I wasn't intending to get quite that overdrawn, but I was expecting the ole student loan to come through at the beginning of the month. Tbh I'd prefer not to have the darn overdraft at all but I needed to pay the rent!
Also, I just realised you're friends with one of my facebook friends, Nat. Damn small internet world!
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