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OMGZZZZ Glasgow.
Libraries are nice places.... 
18th-Sep-2008 04:36 pm
awesome, black books
Today I have been mostly hanging around libraries, has been quite a nice day on the whole. Was supposed to meet Alison but she slept through her alarm so I went into town anyway and took a book back to uni, then walked to the big public library in town (which is huuge, a proper library with reading rooms and everything, its like my Mecca). There I got a little bit lost looking for the book I wanted but eventually managed to find a computer with the library index on it. I was looking for a book on horse riding as I have joined the University horse riding society and wanted to refresh my memory with all the horsey things I used to know.
Sent a package home with some nice wee goodies for MJ&C, hope they like it :D
Then I went to starbucks and got me some yummy hot chocolate and some toast and realised that horse riding must be like riding a bike because most of what I read in the book I could remember. Waheyyy.
Really excited now about going to do it, its been too long since I was last on a horse. Was never really very good at it, not competition standard or anything but I enjoyed the fresh air and its a nice social hobby. Mum is hopefully going to send my old jodphur boots and chaps and my hat up, but I will have to find some jodphurs and gloves somewhere cheap, might look on ebay, if not Robinsons will be taking all my money (!).

Also my headphones have broken (not bad as I have had these ones for a couple of years and I do use them pretty much ever day). And I've decided if I can't have a pair like these:

Then my life will not be worth living. Or something.
Well they are pretty...
Hopefully I should be hearing back from the library soon about the job. Really, really, want itttttt! And they did say two weeks or so. Fingers still firmly crossed eh?

Anyways, that's me updated for now. Do expect an entry soon all about retrofest, I know I'm well behind with that, but it will be done! Pictures and everything. Promise.

P.s. I have the most major scrubs addiction going on. I think I need help.

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18th-Sep-2008 04:01 pm (UTC)
I'm absolutely 100% in love with DR Cox. He's such a bastard.
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