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21st-Apr-2008 12:15 pm
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Tis now only a month till the Hay Festival. The more time goes on, and the more I read about it, the more excited I get. I've been literally devouring every word I can find on the subject, as well as regularly checking the Steward group on facebook. It sounds like its going to be such a fantastic experience. Everyone I've spoken to about it so far has been so friendly, including Jan, one of the people in charge of looking after and organising stewards. She's been very helpful with information and tips and I'm looking forward to meeting her and thanking her in person.
And of course I'm looking forward simply to going home. My summer is going to be so long this year, lord only knows what I'm going to do with all that time. After I've been home I'm coming back up here for a week or two, then I'm going to go visit Dad for a week, but after that I've nothing really until like the end of August and retrofest. I'm debating what to do for my birthday, and I think I'll probably come home. This year I'm 20, and also it'll be the 08/08/08 and it's the day the Chinese Olympics begin. I think thats pretty blimmin fantastic personally and calls for a big celebration. But if I do go home, will there be anyone about to party with?
Gonna have a party at my flat on Saturday hopefully. Needs to be done. Celebrate the end of second year.
Blimey, end of second year, can you believe? I'm nearly halfway through university. Yoik.

I'm fully aware I've been severely neglecting this journal recently, and as ever, I promise to try and update more often. I know you miss my pointless little whingings, right?
Bye x
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