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OMGZZZZ Glasgow.
You make me want to throw up. 
24th-Dec-2007 10:00 pm
awesome, black books
 "These are the things that we won't do. We won't be together so long that we forget how we got together in the first place, and it doesn't matter, not to us or to anybody else. We won't go to bed in the afternoon on the strength of a smile across the room. We won't exchange our life's stories, or feel pangs of jealousy when we talk about old lovers. We won't get enough memories of our own to see us through the bad times. We won't read something in the paper and want to ring each other up just to talk about it. We won't go dancing and embarrass everybody but ourselves. We won't ever argue. We won't ever make up. We won't ever get to know each other so well that we take each other for granted. And we won't ever share a fish supper."
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